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11/18/2008  [RIDE] - EOY and Fall 2008 reporting closed  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE has officially closed EOY and Fall 2008 reporting. All data last submited through Nov 17th 2008 are regarded as final. Reports and data are being submitted for State and Federal Reporting, analyses of NECAP test results, State Aid, AYP analyses, national sampling of schools and students for NAEP assessment, and other uses. At this time, please send or fax us the signoff forms. Our helpdesk is going to contact you if you have not signed off the reporting. RIDE has not shutdown the fall reporting through SRM yet. You may continue to use the application to submit TCS and Daily Attendance files which are requested by the State's Data Warehouse Project. Districts have to go through a petition process to make additional updates or corrections to these two reporting. We may or may not be able to use the corrected data at a later date. Please contact our help-desk for more information about the petition process. This message is copied to district superintendents and State school directors. Thank all for your hard work and dedication to the quality of State Reporting! Kenneth Gu, PhD RIDE, 222-8957, RIDE Help Desk -, 222-8968, 295-9200