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11/14/2008  [RIDE] - sign off EOY and Fall 08 state reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
As of yesterday 11/13/2008, all districts and State schools have completed their State reporting for the End-of-Year 2008 of 2007-08 school year and Fall 2008 of 2008-09 school year. In the meantime, we requested all districts to start signning off the aggregated summary reports generated from the submitted data so that RIDE can start using the data for State and Federal reporting, final calculations for State Aid, merging with the State assessment results and the subsequent AYP analyses. We informed data managers that all final corrections have to be completed by Monday November 17th with no exceptions, all submitted data will be determined as final. We have tried very hard to email and call each district we have found problems with their submitted data. Most responded timely, but yet as of this morning we continued to find problems in a few districts. Most of the remaining problems are associated with consistencies of the reported program eligibility data. Please review these numbers carefully, a typical district should have 20% students in IEP, a good number of students eligible for free and reduced lunch, especially the urban districts. Many districts have LEP students, voc ed students year after year. Program eligibility data are used to disaggregate the NECAP test results, therefore it is critical that you report them correctly. All aggregated summary reports for the two State reporting period have been posted on eRIDE under Statistical Reports or under this link This message is copied to district superintendents and State school directors. Thank you for your attention to this matter, please feel free to contact myself for any questions. Our help desk can be reached at -, 222-8968, 295-9200 Kenneth Gu, PhD, 222-8957, RIDE