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11/13/2008  [RIDE] - sign off EOY and Fall 08 reports  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We are very close to wrapping up the EOY and Fall 2008 reporting. Please use the following general procedure to sign off the final reports on Monday November 17th. Districts without any outstanding issues may start the sign-off process now. Districts may send or fax us the forms after Monday, but data submitted by November 17th will be determined as final, including the fall enrollment data. To sign off the EOY and Fall 2008 reports, click on Statistical Reports on eRIDE, then click on 'review and sign off statistical reports for 2007-08' or 'review and sign off statistical reports for 2008-09', download and review the reports and sign-off form. There is one generic sign off form for each reporting period and we ask the superintendent or state school director to sign off for the entire district or school. Please contact our helpdesk or myself for any questions regarding this signoff process. RIDE Help Desk -, 222-8968 or, 295-9200 Thank you! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,