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10/30/2008  [RIDE] - another important update on fall enrollment reports  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
As of today October 30th, 38 districts and state schools have submitted AND certified their submissions. Summary reports have been updated and posted, please download another version to review - For this version, we added the following reports for each district - 1. October 1st membership by race/ethnicity and by gender 2. October 1st membership by grade, program and by race/ethnicity and gender for 2006-07 - these reports are added below each 07-08 report for your easy comparison and year-over-year consistency checks. Please keep in mind while the October 1st membership reports when finalized are critical and used in a number of important State and federal reporting. Fall enrollments and summer withdrawal reports are however equally important for assessment and accountability purposes. We therefore ask you to review all included reports for quality assurance. All districts must complete this reporting by November 3rd, which means all data submissions have to be certified to allow the State to analyze and compile the needed reports and use the students' enrollment, demographic and program information for assessment and accountability purposes. Districts who are unable to comply to this deadline date must notify our helpdesk or myself in writing immediately ( Thank you again for your devotion to this reporting, your time and efforts are greatly appreciated as always! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,