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10/20/2008  [RIDE] - Trainings/Workshops on Education Data Management/Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to invite you and/or your staff to attend a series of education data management and reporting trainings and workshops on the first Monday morning of each month at RINET begining from November 3rd (RINET - These sessions are intended for new and existing district personnel who want to learn more about managing and reporting education data and how the State uses the data for accountability and program implementation. RIDE and its partner RINET are co-hosting the workshops. For the first workshop on Nov 3rd, RIDE will overview and answer questions on how the State collects the data from the districts, how we compile the statistical tables by various State and federal requirements and how they are used for school performance and accountability analyses and program implementations and how they affect the State and federal funding to the schools. Future sessions will cover topics including the State's unque student identifier system, the State's data collection systems, the new cohort graduation rates and how they are computed, the State's school report cards and other education data publications, the State's new data warehouse project, etc. For more information about the first and futher workshops, please click on Trainings/Workshops on eRIDE. Registration to each workshop is required. Please inform your colleagues about these workshops and suggest any new topics. Please also share this information with your super-intendent, your program directors, data coordinaters and information management staff. Call or email our help desk for any questions., 222-8968, 295-9200