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10/15/2008  [RIDE] - latest on Fall enrollment reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that SRM has de-activated EOY reporting applications except the discipline module and activated modules for the Fall 2008 data submissions. Please inform us immediately if you are unable to login and submit files. When submitting student data for the Fall, please make sure you include - 1. all of the summer withdrawal records, use '8/1/2008' for both enrollmentDate and exitDate, use '98' or other valid exit codes for exitType. 2. all enrollment records from beginning of school year to 10/20/2008, for students still in school as of 10/20, use '00' for exitType, '10/20/2008' for exitDate. All students enrolled in 07-08 but not re-enrolled in 08-09 (ex graduated seniors and transfers-outs) and not reported as summer withdrawals will be coded as dropouts for exiting without a valid code. Therefore it is very important that you report the summer withdrawals with proper exit codes. October 1st snapshot of enrollment will be generated from this reporting for various State and federal reporting purposes. We will give opportunity to review and sign off as we did in the past. The State also uses the submitted data to link to students' fall NECAP assessment results. It is therefore extremely important that you submit the data both timely and accurately as it will ultimately affect the final analyses of school performances and AYP status. Here are the critical timelines for the fall data submissions - - 10/27/08 Deadline for Districts to upload data - 10/28/08 RIDE will email/call all IT managers who didnít make deadline. - 11/02/08 RIDE will email IT Directors and Superintendents.The email will rehash their issues and promises based on conversations/emails of 10/28/08 - 11/09/08 Deadline for Districts to signoff on submitted data For support, please contact - RINET -, 295-9200 RIDE -, 222-8968 For questions about this data collection in general, please call or email myself. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,