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10/9/2008  [RIDE] - an immportant update on EOY 08 reporting status  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here is the latest on your EOY 08 enrollment reporting. Using the submitted data, we have compiled all of the annual statistical tables for State, federal and NCLB reporting purposes, as well as for school expenditure and State aid calculations. These reports are very close to be final, but more updates are expected within the next couple of weeks. We have notified districts with additional data problems. To download and review these reports, please click or follow this link - We plan to shut down the EOY reporting over the weekend and enable districts to start submitting the fall enrollment records from Tuesday October 14th. Districts should take this last opportunity to fix any data problems in their EOY reporting. Re-opening the EOY data collection after we open the Fall enrollment reporting in SRM will be very problematic. You should contact our helpdesk immediately if this schedule does not work for your district (, 222-8968). Call or email myself for any questions about this message. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,