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10/7/2008  [RIDE] - wrapping up the EOY reporting for 07-08  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE plans to wrap up the EOY reporting shortly. We are almost done, finally! While we are performing the final analyses of your submitted data, we would like to share with you the latest statistical reports that have already been compiled using the latest submitted and certified data. Please click on Statistical Reports on eRIDE or simply click on or follow the link below to view and download these reports. You may discard any earlier versions of these reports that we have shared with you as they might have been outdated. By Friday October 10th, we plan to add the following statistical reports to this page - reports of graduates and dropouts, retentions and student mobility. We will send you another email to let you know. We also plan to add a generic form for districts to sign off on these reports - a step necessary to wrap up the 0708 EOY reporting. For 08-09, we will be moving into a eSign system that requires districts to sign off State reporting electronically. Please feel free to contact myself for any questions about any of these reports or about this email. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,