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10/1/2008  [RIDE] - Fall Data Collections  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform LEA data managers, superintendents and directors that RIDE has opened the following Data Collections for the Fall season - 1. Non-Certified Staff (all LEAs including State operated and charter schools); 2. June graduating class (all LEAs including State operated and charter schools with a June graduating class); 3. At-home Instructed Students (all districts with home-schooled students); Districts may login to eRIDE and start submitting the reports. Reports are DUE November 17th, 2008. Status for the fall enrollment reporting application (SRM) is now pending on finalizing the contract with our vendor. At this time we strongly encourage districts start preparing the files, especially the summer withdrawals, and be ready to upload as soon as the system opens up. Summer withdrawal data are critical for the State to capture the school dropouts over the summer. We will email you another update within the next couple of days. We have also advised the district Census clerks and coodinators to keep their LEP and IEP Census up-todate, so when you upload your fall enrollment records, you can use the State Census to populate these program fields. You may use the following support for questions about these data collections: RIDE Help Desk 222-8968,; RINET Support 295-9200, Please call or email myself for any questions regarding this email. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD 222-8957,