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9/30/2008  [RIDE] - added ADM report for Easy year-to-year comparison  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
To help you identify potential data problems, I added a prior year ADM by Program Status table to the set of reports I already posted for your reviews this morning - now you can compare the membership data side by side with the prior's year's numbers. If you have already downloaded the file, you may want to download this file again with the added table for easy comparison. I noticed for example districts with CT centers reported 0 vocational concentrators! North Providence's overall ADM dropped by 1000: did we miss the entire high school? We have also notified a few districts whose numbers are way off.$ite_v1.3.xls Again, please contact us for any questions or help fixing the data. Our plan is to close out the EOY 08 data collection within the week. You need to contact us immediately if you have outstanding issues that you can not resolve anytime soon. RIDE Help Desk - 222-8968, RINET Help Desk - 295-9200, Thank you! Kenneth Gu, RIDE, 222-8957