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9/30/2008  [RIDE] - latest on 2007-08 ADM reports  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The link below is the latest reports on student membership for 2007-08 based on your last submitted/certified EOY enrollment records as of Sept 29th.$ite_v1.3.xls Instructions on how to read the reports are provided on the first notes sheet. The very last report is the average daily membership by program status, another critical report for you to review. These prelimary ADM reports are used by the district business managers to compile their annual In$ite reports. The ADM and ADA numbers are also the fundations for calculating the State Aid and attendance rates for each district. We are therefore urgently asking your help to ensure their consistency and accuracy. Last week the following districts with State district codes '03','08','13','16','17','20','22','24','26','27','36','99' have requested for IEP data over-write with the State's Census data. We still find however the IEP numbers do not look right for a few districts (e.g., district 09, 32, 98). Districts with other noticeable data problems have been or are being notified individually. We plan to close out the EOY data collection within the next few days. Final ADM reports will be made available for you to sign off electronically by Friday Oct 3rd. Districts need to contact us immediately for any of the ourstanding data problems and issues (222-8968; Call or email myself for any questions about this message. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD 222-8957,