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9/18/2008  [RIDE] - data managers meeting on new federal technology reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to invite LEA data managers to attend a meeting on the new Federal Technology reporting requirements on Thursday 9:30-11:30am October 9th at RIDE 501. We will also preview the new reporting module on eRIDE and responsibilities with new 8th grade TechLiteracy Assessment. Participation is generally required for all local and State data managers. Participants may use the attendance records for proof of professional development if required by their districts. If you plan to attend this meeting, please register on eRIDE, simply click on Trainings/Workshops on eRIDE or follow this link - For questions about this meeting please contact myself or Holly Walsh of Instructional Technology, 401-222-8457 Please email myself if you would like to join the meeting through tele-conference, we will look into this option as well. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, 222-8957,