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9/15/2008  Incomplete Student Label Sets for NECAP Testing  Melissa Cabral 
As you know, the testing window for the administration of the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) for grades 3 through 8 & 11 is fast approaching. Schools will be receiving their NECAP test materials shipments during the week of September 15-19. Because some districts were not able to submit their end-of-year data collection files by the Aug 22nd deadline, some schools will either not receive any student labels with their test materials shipment or they will receive incomplete sets of labels. There are schools that will receive a complete set of labels. RIDE has been working on preparing a student label file for the affected schools with Measured Progress, the NECAP testing contractor. Measured Progress will ship the second round of student labels during the week of September 22-26 to the affected schools. If, after receiving this shipment, you are still missing labels for some of your students, please follow the procedures for ordering additional student labels. Please do not order additional labels until September 24th so you can be sure all additional label shipments from Measured Progress have been received. The process for ordering additional labels can be found in the NECAP Test Principal/Test Coordinator Manual on page 14 or contact Van Yidana at RIDE at 401-222-8488. You will receive the Test Coordinator Manual with your NECAP test shipment. Should you or your staff have any questions regarding student labels, please telephone the NECAP Service Center at 1-877-632-7774 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Thank you! Melissa Cabral, 222-8491, Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education