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9/8/2008  [RIDE] - Data Managers Meeting at RIDE  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
RIDE would like to thank you for your participation and diligence in State data collections, we hope with your continued support we will have another productive year. For 2008-09, we will no longer conduct the weekly conference calls with local data managers. We will use the bi-weekly Thursday morning slot to meet in Room 501 at RIDE. This year, we will also be using video or voice conference calls using WebEx or other media in order to encourage expanded participation for those that cannot get away from the office. We will kick off the first meeting on Thursday Sept 11th 9:30AM at RIDE 501. (Sorry for the late notice) The key agenda for this meeting will be to go over the fall data collections schedule and requirements. We need to pre-order the right number of parking validations, so please register on eRIDE if you plan to come. Click on Trainings/Workshops on eRIDE or follow this link - Participation is generally required for all local and State data managers. Participants may use the attendance records for proof of professional development if required by their districts. Telephone Conference number 218-339-2611 ex number 5501 . This is a temporary number for this meeting only. Thanks again. Edward A. Giroux Director of Networks and Information Systems Department of Education 255 Westminister Street Providence, RI 02903 Office: 222.8965