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9/4/2008  [RIDE] - last opportunity for sending student rosters  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We have so far received and processed the rosters for the following districts/schools, please check and verify. Some districts have instructed us to extract the needed information from their EOY enrollment reporting. If the rosters are not coming in today Sept 4th from the rest of the districts, we will extract the needed information for your EOY data submissions. Please make sure your EOY reporting is CERTIFIED. If you are still taking this last opportunity to email us the rosters, please focus on: students' state ID and grades they are currently enrolled. We can not accept missing/incorrect SASIDs and Grades, especially for the grades that will be tested. A large number of duplicate enrollments are problematic, but if you can't resolve them all today, send in the rosters. The worst is that we will send multiple labels to different schools. Again, call or email us for any questions. Kenneth Gu, PhD, 222-8957 DISTCODE LEA_NAME 01 Barrington 04 Central Falls 21 Newport 25 North Smithfield 28 Providence 30 Scituate 32 South Kingstown 33 Tiverton 38 West Warwick (missing DOB) 39 Woonsocket 40 Davies Career & Tech 51 Paul Cuffee Charter Sch 52 Kingston Hill Academy 54 Blackstone Academy 60 MET 96 Bristol Warren 97 Exeter-West Greenwich 98 Chariho