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8/29/2008  [RIDE] - End-of-Year Student Enrollment Reporting and Test Labels  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to bring your immediate attention to the much needed student enrollment records in your End-of-Year State Reporting. The last posted reporting deadline was August 22nd. RIDE uses the reported enrollment information to print test labels for the upcoming NECAP assessment. We currently have the following problems. 1. We are still missing data from a number of districts; 2. We have a significant number of districts submitted erroneous data. Please click or follow this link to download/view the submitted data and problems for each district/schools, including those that have not submitted anything. Instructions on how to read the spreadsheet and support contact information are included on the 'instructions' sheet. On the Schools sheet, we used Barrington as an example to explain the problems. This year a significant number of districts did not report students' next school code or defaulted the next school code to the currently enrolled school. This mistake if not fixed will result a large portion of the printed labels to be misplaced or un-used. Your immediate attention to the highlighed problem schools/districts/grades are much needed at this late stage. RIDE will do another extract next Thursday Sept 4th. If problems are not fixed or data are not submitted by that date, schools/districts will not their student test booklets pre-printed with labels. Please direct any general questions/concerns regarding this reporting and email message to myself. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD RIDE, 222-8957