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3/10/2008  [RIDE] - cohort data review status  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is the last minute reminder that last day for final review of the cohort data for the new graduation and dropout rate calculations is today March 10th. Please click or follow this link to check the status for your district. Please make sure - 1. you clicked on the Update Student Counts button when you are done reviewing/updating the data; 2. you sign off the reports for all schools and district; 3. send us a copy of the signed-off summary reports. If you need to unlock a school/district for any last minute updates, please call or email Mario Goncalves 222-8968, Application will be locked and closed after today. Cohort rates will be calculated and published in this year's Information Works, the State's Report Card on Education. Call or email myself for any other questions. Thank you!, 222-8957