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3/5/2008  [RIDE] - last opportunity to update student cohort data by 3/10  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is the last reminder to all LEA superintendents, directors and data managers that RIDE will close this last window of opportunity for any additional updates to the cohort data on Monday March 10th. Cohort graduation and dropout rates will be recalculated and published afterwards in the State's annual Report Card - Information Works! This deadline will not be extended. Any additional corrections and updates will not be accepted afterwards. Districts and State schools that start with letters 'BU', 'CU' and 'BL' in their names should login to eRIDE and start the work immediately. Click or follow this link for Instructions: If you have already completed the updates, please make sure you click on 'update counts', lock and sign off the data. If you missed the communications on this topic in the last month and half, please click or follow this link: search by keyword - cohort. Thank you!