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2/20/2008  [RIDE] - cohort data review/update, 'transfer-outs'  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
While analyzing the completed cohort data, we found a larger than expected number of students moved into the 'transfer-out' category. We wonder if some districts missed the exact instructions for placing students in this category. Instructions online states: transferred-outs - are those transferred out of the State's public schools to private and out-of-State; deaths and illness are treated the same as transfer-outs; At the workshops, we repeatedly asked folks NOT to include between-public school transfers in the State in this category. Mis-placing students into this category completely defeats the purpose of this review process - it takes out students from the final cohort rate calculations! Please review your process, email or call myself if your district mis-classfied these students. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD, 222-8957