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2/4/2008  [RIDE] - latest on updating cohort student data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We want to first congratulate those who have already completed and signed off the cohort student data for new graduation and dropout rate calculations. Districts will have until Feb 15th to complete and sign off the data. If your district has yet to start the work, we strongly encourage you to start immediately. RIDE will not extend the timelines as indicated in the letter and instructions we sent out earlier last month. Any unresolved cases or student exits will be coded as dropouts. In the meantime, we want to refresh you with a couple of updates we have completed to this eRIDE application. These updates do not affect most of the districts. First, we added another major exit category - students exited after reaching their maximum age for service. There should not be too many in this first cohort because we do not have enough number of years of cohort data to show, but we could possibly have a few. Check the students in the unknown group, and see if any more of them that should belong to this group. We also updated the Instructions online. Step-by-step instructions on how to turn the numbers in the district and school summary reports into cohort rates have been added. Please feel free to call or email myself for any questions. Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD Office of Network and Information Systems Rhode Island Dept of Education 222-8957,