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2/4/2008  Textbook coordinators and Data Managers: Textbook Data Collection Due  Derick Ariyam 
Dear Colleagues, Below this letter you will find instructions for the annual submission of the textbooks in use throughout your district for publication to the statewide RIDE Approved Textbook List. This is the first year that RIDE will be collecting this data through the eRIDE system. Therefore, your textbook coordinators will need to work with the data managers in each district for access to the "Textbook List Upload" module on eRIDE. When using this system, you will have access to view each other's submissions and the correct formats, i.e., no special formatting, correct identifiers and coding, etc. All submissions are due to be entered into the system no later than March 7, 2008. At times, submissions are challenged by publishers and others. There will be a short window for districts to correct mistakes if documentation warrants an edit. Edits are tedious for all parties, so please be comprehensive in your filing of new books including the ISBN. Thank you for your cooperation with this work. We are all working to improve this system so that it is clear to districts, non-publics, students and parents. Please continue to contact me, Becky Wright (, 222-8404), about this process if you have any difficulties or helpful input as I am always willing to take your good ideas and work with others to transform them into better systems. Technical issues encountered with the application may be directed to Derick Ariyam ( Textbook Collection Links: Welcome Memo and Instructions (PDF): Excel File specifications: Sincerely, Becky Wright, Education Specialist/School Approvals and Development Office of Progressive Support and Intervention RIDE 222-8404