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1/16/2008  [RIDE] - an important note on reviewing student cohort data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We want to highlight this important section in the instructions provided with the application: -------------------------- In 4 years or less, students in the cohort are expected to exit the public schools in one of the following categories: graduated in 4 years or less dropped out completed GED retained/still in school transferred out of public schools, out of State, died Students transferred out of public schools, out of State, died will be taken out of the cohort for final calculations. Students whose exit status unknown or with an invalid code will be counted as dropouts if not verified and corrected. ------------------------- TRANSFERS TO ANOTHER PUBLIC SCHOOL/DISTRICT IN THE STATE HAVE ALREADY BEEN ACCOUNTED FOR IN THE DATA SET! PLEASE USE THE 'TRANSFER-OUTS' CATEGORY ONLY FOR STUDENTS TRANSFERRED OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN RI, OR DIED AS NOTED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS. IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE ENTIRE COHORT DATA SET, 'TRANSFER-OUTS' IS CODED '8', 'UNKNOWN' IS CODED '9'. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO COME TO ONE OF THE WORKSHOPS IF YOU MISSED THE EARLIER ONES AND IF YOU ARE STILL UNCLEAR ABOUT THE BASIC PROCESS. THANK YOU!