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12/5/2007  Annual School Health Report 2007-2008  Derick Ariyam 
TO: Superintendents and District Data Managers FROM:Jackie Ascrizzi, RIDE Rosemary Reilly Chammat, HEALTH DATE: December 5, 2007 SUBJ: Annual School Health Report 2007-2008 The Annual School Health Report 2007-2008 is now available on eRIDE. As you will see, some of the reports have been pre-populated with the information that you submitted last year, when applicable. Some of that information may remain the same; some needs to be updated or revised. There are also some changes to the form from the previous year, to ensure alignment with new statutes, regulations or standards of care. You may need to refer this survey to other members of your staff regarding your district's compliance with school health statutes and regulations, e.g. facilities manager, school nurse teacher coordinator, health educator, chemical hygiene officer, etc. The superintendent must sign off on the report before submitting it back to RIDE. The report is due to RIDE by January 16, 2008. If you have any technical difficulties in accessing or completing the form, contact Derick Ariyam, 222-8974, If you have concerns regarding the content of the questions, please contact Jackie Ascrizzi, 222-8953, or Rosemary Reilly Chammat, 222-5922, Thank you in advance for completing the Annual School Health Report and for your district's efforts to create safe, healthy and nurturing schools.