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12/4/2007  [RIDE] - remaining critical duplicated enrollments!  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Most of the critical duplicates have been resolved, here are the remaining critical duplicated enrollments as of October 1st by district, students' sasid, lastname and first name. Please resolve by NOON TODAY, otherwise, we have no choice but to remove these records! You may have other less critical duplicates which also need to be resolved quickly before you can sign off the complete reporting! Again, write me an email if you are not getting timely response from other districts. For technical assistance, contact Derick Ariyam (222-8974) or Scott Gausland (222-8960). Thank you! Kenneth gu, 222-8957, dist code sasid lastname firstname 06 1000207278 Baird Alexander 26 1000176271 St.George Ashley 33 1000008311 Arruda Jeramie 35 1000108208 SCAVONGELLI MARYANNE 38 1000108208 Scavongelli Maryanne 50 1000207278 Baird Alexander 54 1000176271 St. George Ashley 60 1000008311 Arruda Jeramie