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10/26/2007  [RIDE] - October State reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE has released the followig applications on eRIDE for you to compute the reporting for October. 1. The district non-certified Staff report 2. The district at-home instructed students report 3. The Beginning of Year (BOY) Consolidated State Reporting (previously known as October Enrollment report). The BOY Consolidated State reporting module is for districts and schools not currently using the SRM module for reporting student enrollment data. Please review the online instructions carefully before you start compiling and submitting the data. All reports are due by early November. Please make sure you include your summer withdrawal data in your BOY Consolidated submissions. RIDE is no longer separately collecting the dropout data. Please also make sure all enrollment records from beginning of year through October 31st are included in this reporting, not just the enrollments as of October 1st! Thank you and have a great weekend!