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9/25/2007  [RIDE] - Attendance and Graduation Rates for review  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to ask you to review two additional reports RIDE has just compiled based on your recent EOY reporting: your schools and districts' attendance and graduation rates. Attendance and graduation rates are used as two high stake indicators the State uses to measure the schools and districts' academic and non-academic achievement and AYP status. These reports are for your review only, they are NOT final. To download and review these reports, simply click or follow the links below: gradration rates with ns_06-07_4review.xls If you find any errors, you may correct 06-07 individual student data online on eRIDE in your EOY reporting (contact your districts' data/IT managers). For prior years' data corrections, the Head of the school or district needs to submit a request to RIDE in writing. RIDE will review in case by case basis and determine if any requested corrections are possible. Thank you!