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9/14/2007  [RIDE] - last minute fixes to your EOY State Reporting for high stake analyses  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE has already extracted the roster information from your EOY consolidated State reporting for the Fall NECAP testing. We have also extracted the student demographic and program information merged the data with the Alternative Assessment results. Student membership information has also been extracted and used in your districts' In$ite reporting. Consequently we closed and archived version 1.0 of this reporting. Next week, we will be extracting the needed data for State Aid analyses and the NCLB accountability analyses. We will be computing your schools and districts' student attendance rates, mobility rates, retention rates, graduation rates and dropout rates. Student membership and enrollment data will be used to drive State Aid $ to your districts and schools. We urge you to take a closer look at the data you already submitted before we pull the data for the remaining high stake analyses. Here are a sample of the questions you may want to ask yourself. Here is a check list of questions. Are the numbers of HS graduates and dropouts consistent with prior year's reporting? Have the student membership numbers increased or declined significantly from the prior year? Do you have students reported as 'received Title I services' where the school or district does not have a Title I program? Do you have LEP monitored students reported as 'enrolled in LEP program'? Has the head of the district or school signed off all of the reports (the enrollment report, the membership report, the graduates report, etc.)? We will be accepting any last minute changes and updates till next Wednesday September 19th in version 2.0 of this reporting. Thank you and have a great weekend!