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9/6/2007  [RIDE] - LEP Census 2007-08  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This email is to inform you that the State's LEP Census for 2007-08 is now open through your eRIDE portal. RIDE will provide workshops on Octoboer 1st and 2nd and go over the Census, new requirements and updated features. To sign up for the workshops, simply click on Trainings/Workshops on eRIDE. For the upcoming fall State assessment purposes, we ask the districts to start inputting the Census information and keep them up-todate by end of October. To begin the Census for 2007-08, we ask you to start with the following: 1. re-initiate the language list - RIDE has updated the language codes, they need to be re-initiated; 2. initiate the country list - newly created for this year's Census for student's place of birth; 3. update the teacher list - same from previoius years. All three listings have to be initiated or updated before you start the Census. We also added a set of W-APT placement test fields to the Census. Please make sure they are completed for each student. Please contact our assessment office for any information related to the Census (222-8491 for Melissa Cabral). Thank you and have a great day!