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7/31/2007  RIDE - EOY Consolidated State Reporting Deadlines  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
First our congratulations and appreciations to districts and LEAs that have successfully submitted the data by the deadline dates. We want to remind the few LEAs that are yet to submit the data. Please call or email our office (222-8967, 222-8974, and work out a schedule to submit your files ASAP. Your delays in submitting the files have affected the rest of the State to sign off this reporting. The following is the original reporting schedule: All data should be submitted to the State by July 20th. You will have up till July 27th to resolve any duplicates or any other data problems. All reporting has to be signed off by August 3rd. The deadline of Aug 3rd is critical, because we will be generating the testing labels, analyzing the reported data for state aid and accountability purposes in the first two weeks of August. Thank you!