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8/5/2003  Pupil summary data verification  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The purpose of this email is to ask you to verify your submitted pupil summary data. Simply log on to eRIDE and click on 'Pupil Summary DBA'. Your user login and password are at the bottom of this message. Once you log in, you are advised to take the following actions: 1. if you have not submitted data for all of your schools in your district, please do so ASAP as we are pulling the data for analysis now; 2. if you have submitted and/or signed off the reports, take a look at the preliminary attendance statistics that were computed for 02-03 based on the submitted data: are the numbers off from historical average? if so, check the submitted data for errors; 3. for each district, we are also expecting a report on non-resident students (tuitioned students), have you submitted that report as well? 4. each report needs to be signed off on a printed copy and then electronically signed off on eRIDE, have you signed off the reports on eRIDE? 5. if you need to correct a report that has already been signed off, please contact us and request for the report to be 'unlocked'. Pupil summary data verification officially end on 8/15/03. Thank you for submitting the pupil summary data! School attendance is one of the 21 school performance indicators of the new Accountability System.