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2/23/2007  [RIDE] - March Quarterly Enrollment Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE will roll out the eRIDE State Reporting application on March 8th rather than March 1st. The enrollment snapshot date remains to be March 12th. You will be notified again as soon as the application is ready for you to submit your Spring enrollment data. For detailed instructions for this reporting, please click or follow this link: While we are setting up the application to accept and process your March enrollment records, it is highly recommended that you keep your IEP and LEP Census records on eRIDE up-todate. Please also ensure students' other program statuses are up-todate before you extract the needed information for reporting. Please call or email Marie Gariepy for additional questions (222-8967, Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!