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1/9/2007  [RIDE] - SALT Teacher Data Report  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Hi, This is to ask you to help complete this reporting as quickly as you can. Reporting typically starts in June and ends in August each year. To this date, we still have a large # of schools which have yet to submit the data. This reporting was originally called the School/District SALT Capacity Indicators report. For 2005-06, we dropped the open-ended Goals and Highlights questions. For the Annual State Report for Information Works under State Law Article 31, all schools/districts have been asked in this reporting to submit data on teacher attendance/FTE, grievances and mobility. Instructions for reporting have been sent to district superintendents, school principals and data managers, they are also posted online on eRIDE (click on State Reporting on eRIDE). RIDE asks District Central Office to complete the report on teacher attendance, mobility and grievances for each school in the district; school administrator should review and sign off each report. Data managers should give appropriate logins and access rights of this reporting application to building principals if not already given. Our PSI office has just emailed out another reminder today Jan 9th to district superintendents and school principals. We greatly appreciate your efforts to help complete this reporting. Please feel free to contact Lauren McCarthy (401) 222-8399 of PSI for additional questions. Thank you!