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10/23/2006  [RIDE] - wrapping up the October reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
If your district has not completed and signed off the data submissions for the October reporting (October 1st enrollment, 05-06 dropouts, non-certified staff, at-home instructed students, June graduating class), please do so no later than Friday Oct 27th. RIDE will be then extracting the data for State Assessment and a number of critical reporting for the State, DOE and the public. Timeliness and accuracy of your reporting is thus the key for us to complete these important tasks. If your district or school did not have any dropouts to report for 05-06, please make sure you sign off the zero dropout form as you did in the past. For instructions and timelines for your October reporting, please visit eRIDE and click on State Reporting. Thank you for your continued efforts in State reporting!