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10/19/2006  RIDE - an update on NSRE student demographic file review  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that RIDE has completed populating these two fields in your NSRE student demographic files for grade 11: students' status in continuous enrollment in school (sch1yr) and in district (dist1yr). We used last year's students' enrollment records between October 1st of 2006 and March 25th of 2006 to determine students' continuous enrollment status. Students are flagged 'Y' for Sch1Yr and/or Dist1Yr if NOT continously enrolled during that period. These two fields are also made updatable this time. Districts submitted their students' historical enrollment records as part of their end-of-year consolidated State reporting. Please contact our Office of Assessment and Accountability for any questions related to this review process (222-8491 or 222-8490). Thank you!