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10/18/2006  RIDE - Critical reminder of deadlines for October State reporting   Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is reminding you the critical deadlines for your State reporting for October. As of today, all districts have successfully submitted their October 1st enrollment data. We still see however many have failed to submit their dropout data on-time. We are forced to further extend the deadline till tomorrow Thursday 10/19. Please make sure your districts' data are in promptly so that the rest of the districts can effectively work on duplicate and error resolutions and sign off the reporting on time. As we email-reminded you earlier, we also expect the following reports to be submitted and signed off by October 20th: the Non-certified staff report, the June graduating class report, and the at-home instructed students report. For a full listing of reporting due in October, please click or follow this link: Thank you!