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10/13/2006  RIDE - review of NSRE demographic files  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is a heads-up for the upcoming review of NSRE Grade 11 demographic files. As in the past years, you will complete this process through your eRIDE portal. At this time, you may use the eRIDE user management tools (User Accounts) to deliver this data review application (Review of NSRE Demographic Files) to those who will be reviewing the data in your district. There are two levels of access available: 1. ReadOnly Access - to review only 2. Update - to review and make changes You may start the reviewing process as early Monday October 16 when RIDE activates the application. All edits have to be completed and signed off by November 2nd, 2006. Detailed instructions and support information for this review process have been posted on eRIDE. Simply click or follow this link: Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!