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10/11/2006  RIDE - deadlines for submitting October enrollment & dropout data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
First we want to applaud the districts who have already completed the data submissions. In the meantime, we would like to remind those who have not submitted any data that Monday October 16th is the last day to submit your October enrollment and 05-06 dropout data. It's extremely important that you follow the reporting schedule this year. You all know by now that other districts are dependent on your data for duplicate and error resolutions beginning from Monday Oct 16th. Secondly, we are required to submit the student demographic and program data to Measured Progress in the last week of October for merging with the 06-07 NECAP test scores. For additional information about October reporting, including the October enrollment and 05-06 dropout reporting, instructions and deadline dates, or for technical support, please go to eRIDE and then click on State Reporting. This eRIDE memo is sent to all district superintendents, LEA directors, data managers and State reporting coordinators. For questions related to this message, please email or call myself (Dr. Kenneth Gu,, 222-8957) Thank you!