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9/18/2006  RIDE - LEP Census reporting for 2006-07  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform all LEP Census coordinators and clerks that the application for 2006-07 reporting is open on eRIDE. We are opening the application so that districts can start inputing the data immediately. For 2006-07 we have made a few fundamental upgrades to the application, particularly on how we track the monitored students. As you all know, a student can be monitored upto 2 years after exiting the program. When entering a new monitoring year, the system now requires you initiate a new 'monitoring' record just like you initiate a new 'service' record, except you select MONITORYR1 or MONITORY2 from the program pulldown menu and input 0s in the # of weeks/month, days/week, and hours/day. Please also note that we have not populated the new Access test scores yet. You do not need to input the test data, we will upload the scores at a later time. Office of Assessment and Accountability will conduct trainings/workshops and go over these system updates in the week of Sept 25th. Users who are inputing the data now should contact Melissa Cabral (222-8991) for questions related to the use of the new Census application. Thank you!