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9/14/2006  RIDE - reminder of RIDE workshops on State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to remind you of the upcoming workshops on State Reporting at RIDE on next Tuesday September 19th. If you and your staff are new or recently into eRIDE (RIDE's State Reporting portal), SASID (State Assigned Student ID), and submitting student enrollment, program and demographic records for the purposes State testing, educational aid, school accountability, and implementing State and federal programs, you MUST attend these workshops. RIDE conducts these workshops only twice a year, so please do not miss these rare opportunities to learn and gain hands-on experience on how to perform State Reporting. For more information about these workshops or to register, simply please click or follow this link: This message is districted among district superintendents, school directors, data managers and IT directors. Thank you!