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9/7/2006  RIDE - wrapping up the 05-06 end-of-year reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This email update is sent to all LEA data contacts. Before we move onto another ever-busy school year, we would like to tie some loose ends before the situation gets out of control. Almost all districts and schools have completed the EOY consolidated State Reporting, the Discipline Report and the School Profile Update for NECAP testing, we find however many neglected these two reporting which are equally important: 1. the SALT Teacher Data Report and 2. the District Transportation Report Please login to eRIDE and check the completion status of these two reporting. If you are not responsible for completing these reports, check the names of staff who have been assigned to submit the data. You may do so by clicking on User Accounts and selecting Salt Teacher Data under the User Access Rights tab. If you wish, we can send an email reminder to your designated staff about these two past-due reporting. Please feel free to call or email me (, 222-8957) or Elizabeth Landry (, 222-8968) if you have any further questions. Thank you!