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8/4/2006  EOY Reporting  Elizabeth Landry 
The error resolution date will be extended until Wednesday August 9th. We cannot extend it any longer because on Friday we will be generating reports based on the End of Year Collection. Please login to eRide and resolve your duplicates before then. The duplicate screen may show some new listings because of recently entered data or from a recent modification to the duplicates screen. There were some districts that had some duplicate enrollments that were not displayed in the duplicate screen. These were enrollment records in which the student is enrolled at 2 schools on the same start date. This condition occurs often for the first day of school where 1 school lists the student as entering and leaving on that same day and another school is accounting for the student for the full year. Thank you all for your hard work with this reporting! Without each of you, it could not happen! As always, please feel free to call me with any questions at 222-8968 or Thanks, Elizabeth