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7/27/2006  RIDE - checklist for completing the EOY consolidated reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here is a quick checklist for completing your EOY consolidated State Reporting. 1. make sure you run the Update process when all of the updates and changes of individual records are done, including the systematic updates on students LEP and IEP status; 2. make sure your June membership reports reflect all students towards the end of school year, including senior students graduated in June; test labels are generated based on the June membership and the designated next school locations. 3. make sure the total school days is correct when you run the Update process; 4. make sure all duplicates and data errors are resolved; 5. (important) make sure you download a copy of the Student Membership and Attendance report (inside the Pupil Summary Tab) and verify the membership and attendance (and rate) for all schools in your district. make or send a copy for/to your business managers in your district, they will import the information to In$ite and compute the per-pupil expenditures. 6. all generated reports have to be properly signed off and signed copies be faxed or mailed to RIDE. district superintendents can sign off reports on behalf of school principals. 7. make sure you electronically lock/sign off the reporting at the end. Thank you for your cooperations!