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7/21/2006  RIDE - important msg on EOY Consolidated State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
If you are having trouble getting the right information for students' school information for next year or missing some information for a couple of other fields, please do NOT wait until the data is perfect to upload the data! PLEASE UPLOAD MINIMALLY STUDENTS' DEMOGRAPHIC AND ENROLLMENT RECORDS TODAY OR NO LATER THAN MONDAY JULY 24TH, SO THAT THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY UPLOADED THE DATA DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT ANY LONGER TO RESOLVE DUPLICATES AND ANY DATA PROBLEMS. You can always upload more updated files and records within the next couple of weeks! Please contact Elizabeth Landry for any questions (222-8968, Thank you! PS: regarding the new feature on updating the LEP and IEP status information within the State Reporting application, only users with full access to the State Reporting application can run the Updates.