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7/21/2006  RIDE - updating the LEP and IEP fields in State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Your State Reporting application is now linked the Census applications, which enables you not only to review any differences in program status between the two reporting systems, but also to update the two program fields with the latest Census data with a click of a link. To review any discrepancies in program status between the State Reporting and the Census, inside the State Reporting application, click on a school name to list all of the student enrollment records. The discrepancies will be displayed in RED. To update or overwrite the reported program status information with the latest Census data, click on 'Update LEP Status' or 'Update IEP Status'. All reports will be automatically recalculated for you based on the updated data. If a student receives LEP services at any time during the year, that student is coded as 'Y' for LEP; this rule is also applied to students with disabilities (IEP). PLEASE MAKE SURE THE UPDATES ARE DONE (IF NEEDED OF COURSE) BEFORE YOU SIGN OFF THE REPORTING. Contact Elizabeth Landry (222-8968, if you have any questions with this procedure. Thank you!