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7/19/2006  RIDE - EOY Consolidated State Reporting Deadlines  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
First, our thanks and congratulations to those who have already completed the data submissions! We want to however remind the rest of the districts the deadline for uploading the EOY consolidated enrollment data is this Friday July 21st. Your districts' data have to be submitted by this date so that everyone can start resolving duplicate records and any data problems and complete this process by July 28th. All reporting has to be completed and signed off by August 4th. In early August, RIDE will start analyzing the reported data for the purposes of State testing, accountability, distribution of State and federal funds and general State and federal reporting. For a listing of which districts have and have not submitted their data, please simply login to eRIDE and click on State Reporting in your portal. Thank you for your cooperation!