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7/12/2006  RIDE - Issues related to EOY Consolidated State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
When reporting students who are enrolled in outplacement schools, please identify the actual schools they are outplaced. Do NOT use ##190 in [schCode_out]. If you do not want us to over-write the IEP and LEP program status in August with the information we collected through the IEP and LEP Census, please email Elizabeth Landry at Your aggregate summary pupil summary reports for each school and district should now show total student membership and attendance being divided by 2 for students enrolled in 1/2 day grades (If not, click on the Update button). You will also soon be able to download these reports for all schools in your district for verification purposes because the ADMs and ADAs will be used in calculations for State Aid, per-pupil expenditures in In$ite and school attendance rates. Please direct all questions to myself (222-8957 before July 22nd) or Elizabeth (222-8968). Thank you! Dr. Kenneth Gu, RIDE