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6/28/2006  RIDE - updating school information for State testing  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to remind you that the last date for the schools and districts to update and submit the contact information for State NECAP testing purpose is this Friday June 30th. The following is the original mail/eMail sent to you and the district and school administrators and data managers about this update. Please contact Marie Gariepy (222-8967) or Melissa Cabral (222-8491) of RIDE should you have any questions about this request. Thank you! As part of the preparation for the next administration of the NECAP test in October of this year, we are gathering the latest school and district directory information including contact information for school principals, testing coordinators and LEA data managers. To provide the updated information, we ask you to login to eRIDE and then click on 'Update School Profile' in your eRIDE portal ( You have been given either full access or read-only access to this online form. If you do not have the right access level, please contact your district data or IT manager. For each school, we need the latest contact information for the school principal, test coordinator (name, title, phone # and email) as well as the current school address for shipping (PO Box not accepted). For each district/LEA school, we need the latest contact information for the superintendent/director, test coordinator and the data manager (name, title, phone # and email). Data managers should simply login to eRIDE and update their Profile on eRIDE. Click on 'Edit My Profile' after you login. Most of the needed information have been pre-populated. Simply click on the school name, review the information. Click on 'Update this record' to correct any errors or any outdated information on this page. Please make sure you provide the State Test Coodinator (STC) information. You will not be able to make changes to other directory information online (e.g., School Name). For the latest information about this data collection, please click or follow this link: Please complete this update by Friday June 30th. Contact Office of Network and Information Services for any questions or to report any problems with eRIDE (Marie Gariepy, 222-8967, Thank you for your cooperation in this endeavor. Mary Ann Snider, Director of Assessment & Accountability