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6/13/2006  RIDE - end-of-year State Reporting applications  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to let you know that the following applications for end-of-year State Reporting have been published to yours and your designated staff's eRIDE portal. Please check your user access rights to these applications and make appropriate changes before you inform your users about the applications. 1. EOY consolidated State Reporting application 2. Discipline Report 3. Transportation Report 4. SALT Teacher Report 5. School Profile Update for State Testing For more information about these State reports, please go to eRIDE, click on State Reporting. You may also contact my office for any questions or to report any problems (222-8967 for Marie Gariepy or 222-8968 for Elizabeth Landry). Thank you and happy last week of school! Kenneth Gu, PhD Office of Network and Information Services Rhode Island Department of Education