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6/2/2006  RIDE - end-of-year State Reporting applications  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
On June 12th, RIDE will be delivering the following applications to users who worked on State reporting last year. Due to high mobility in personnel assignment, we ask you to verify the users and their access rights in your district and make all of the necessary changes and updates by June 12th. RIDE encourages all data to be submitted centrally from each district (with FULL access to each application). Final reports generated from your submitted data should then be reviewed by school principals (with READONLY access) before they are locked and signed off. Final summary reports from each reporting, including school level reports, can be signed off and faxed to RIDE by district central office (superintendent or designated staff). To list all of the users for each application, simply login to eRIDE, click on User Accounts, and then search by User Access Rights. These are the eRIDE applications we will be delivering to users on June 12th. They are temporarily locked for testing and debugging purposes. 1. EOY Consolidated State Reporting 2. Discipline Report 3. Transportation Report 4. SALT Teacher Data Report 5. School Profile Update for NECAP Testing Also a reminder to you that RIDE is conducting workshops on Discipline reporting next week and the EOY consolidated State reporting on June 12th. Click on Trainings/Workshops on eRIDE for additional information. Please direct all questions about this message to myself. Have a great weekend! Keneth Gu, PhD Rhode Island Dept of Education