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5/16/2006  RIDE - student discipline report workshops  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We are now in our tenth year of data collection for the Student Discipline Record System. We are not making any changes to reporting requirements, but it has been four years since our last Student Discipline Record System workshop. In an attempt to revitalize and maintain the ongoing communication to improve the reporting system, we will be hosting a series of workshops June 5-7, 2006 for those individuals involved in the maintenance and reporting of your districtís discipline data. Each district should have a central person or persons assigned to oversee this responsibility. Based on past experience, we believe it will be beneficial to meet with these individuals responsible for recording and submitting the Student Discipline Record Report, once again this year. The Student Discipline Record System has continuously improved over the years with the assistance and advice of you and your staff. We would like to maintain this trend in light of considerable staff turnover in many communities. As a result, this workshop will be an opportunity to review the 04-05 reports; verify definitions, answer questions, and clarify procedures for the submission of data for the Student Discipline Record System for August, 2006; and discuss issues regarding the integration of the discipline reporting system into our new data initiative to improve the management of drug and violence prevention programs in your schools, districts, and communities. For more information about the workshops and instructions to register, go to eRIDE and click on Trainings/Workshops or simply follow/click on this direct link: We ask your help in identifying the appropriate staff in your district and schools to attend the workshop. Please take amoment and forward this to anyone else you think may benefit from attending. If you have any questions, please call Sheila Galamaga at 222-8943. Thank you!